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A Look at Some of the Top Wedding Locations to Tie the Knot

Getting married is supposed to be the most important day in your life and many people are looking for ways to make it more memorable than just another church wedding. Your wedding location can be hard to choose especially if your family is very traditional and is expecting you to use your local church. Gone are the days when getting married in the rain at your local church more couples than ever are looking at some of the top wedding locations to find new and exciting ways to get married.

It is estimated that at least a quarter of all couples getting married place foreign countries on their list of top wedding locations. This is a great way to find somewhere that the sun is going to shine on their special day and hold the wedding in an unforgettable and romantic location, it is also according to surveys a good way to avoid having to deal with too much family involvement in your special day.

Among the top wedding locations chosen by couples is South Africa with its beautiful scenery and rugged coastline followed closely by Sta Lucia in the Philippines. There is nothing like a tropical wedding complete with lush tropical jungle in the background and having your honeymoon on the beach leaving you to enjoy romantic walks on a moonlit beach.

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If glamour and glitz are more your style you might want to catch a flight to fabulous Las Vegas where the wedding chapels are open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Perhaps you and your intended are big Elvis fans and want to have a theme wedding. In Vegas you can have any wedding theme you can imagine as the chapels will supply you with the costumes and music to accompany your dream wedding and give you memories that will last a lifetime.

Of all these destinations one of the biggest reasons they make the list of top wedding locations is that they can practically guarantee a rain free sunny day for that special occasion. However these are not the only places that have become popular for couples to get married, traditional locations like Ireland and Scotland still stand pretty high on the list as many couples consider them to be very romantic and want to stay with somewhat of a more traditional wedding that perhaps more of their family will be able to attend.

Off shore locations are becoming more popular as many couples are connecting the wedding and the honeymoon into one big package. It can be quite affordable as going overseas for your wedding will probably cost you no more than a full blown wedding and catered reception would have cost you at home in the rain.

Strangely enough with all of these wonderful locations more people are starting to list church as one of the top wedding locations either because of one of the couples religions or in some cases because of its location as families are beginning to come closer together and because they want a "proper" wedding.